A Fresh set of Eyes

Ewan McintoshWhat a privilege to spend time with a good and smart friend.  Since we began planning for this day back in January, I’ve been looking forward to it.  It was remarkable to see how many traveled a fair distance to attend this one day event.

The day was well crafted by Ewan that included a series of short presentation type deliveries followed by opportunity to discuss and play.

As a group, we decided these were the most important ideas from the morning:

  1. R & D is for everyone
  2. Building Shared Awareness
  3. Remix the curricula
  4. Balance between structure and flexibility, saturation and overload
  5. Importance of rules in play

The afternoon was spent exploring gaming and the concept of gaming as a learning tool.

One participant summarized his learning this way, “One mistake I’ve made is I’ve never played with a computer”. This was a telling statement about how we view ourselves as learners.

Lots of ideas were explored and my goal was that folks left willing to continue to innovate, explore, learn and share. Not entirely new but a fresh set of eyes always helps.Gamers

Working out a New Game photo: by Ewan Mcintosh

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  • What a wonderful day you had! I met Ewan last year at the MIT-Media Lab Scratch workshop during Building Learning Communities ’07. We “played” all day at the lab, and I returned to school with the dream of playing more in my literature and writing classes. It’s good to reminded of the power of collaborative play (a Lifelong Kindergarten a la MIT). They have a great problem solving model at the Lifelong Kindergarten. If I remember correctly it’s: Imagine –Create — Play — Share — Imagine…

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