Looking up stuff

Looking up stuff

This line is a paraphrase of something I’ve heard Gary Stager say often. I created it as part of a presentation I’m doing on Thursday for a group of new principals. I also am planning to use the Interesting Snippets set as a pre-workshop slideshow. If you’re not familar with these images, have a peek.

  • The exact quote is, “If you dominant metaphor for using computers is looking stuff up, it should come as no surprise that kids will look up inappropriate stuff.” (and adults will react badly)

  • Made me think back over the years. I think initially I used the internet as a novelty, just exploring, then actually looking for stuff, and now shopping, blogging and earning a living!

    Paul Fearns last blog post..Tall Ships Parade of Sail 2008

  • So – does that mean that if your primary metaphor for computers is ‘creating stuff,’ that it should come as no surprise that kids will create inappropriate stuff?

    What does that say about the probable response many parents and teachers have to the idea of student blogging?

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  • Clix,

    Firstly, I wouldn’t necessarily say the primary metaphor should be creating. I think creating, connecting and looking up stuff make the internet what it can be. But yes, It will come as no surprise that students will create inappropriate stuff.

    I also think that understanding what is possible both from a positive and negative standpoint allows teachers and parents and students to begin to make good choices. Bad choices will always be made but given the option of creating and connecting, that is active involvement provides the possibility of really great things.