K12 Online Proposals: Remember to Share

As an advocate for sharing, I’d encourage you to consider submitting a proposal for the K12 online conference. If you are not familiar with K12 online, it’s a conference held entirely online, for free, spanning 2 weeks. All sessions are archived and you can still go back to the previous 2 year sessions to view.

But rather simply consuming the conference, consider contributing with a proposal submission. While many might wonder what they have to offer, taking the time to challenge yourself to develop an online presentation of your work and learnings can be a valuable experience.

This year I’m one of four conveners but have been involved with the conference since its inception. I was on a selection committee in year one and last year presented. I can tell you that the challenge of creating a presentation for this format was certainly a challenge but one I’m thankful I did. Not only did it open some doors of opportunity but more importantly helped me to become better at sharing my ideas in concise and engaging ways. I also reiterate the value of sharing with a quote from Hugh Macleod via John Pederson:

The most important word on the internet is not “Search”. The most important word on the internet is “Share”. Sharing is the driver. Sharing is the DNA. We use Social Objects to share ourselves with other people. We’re primates. we like to groom each other. It’s in our nature.

So head over to this page and submit a proposal.