May 30, 2008

Responding to potential subversiveness

I discovered some students in a local school have begun an “underground blog” to discuss school issues. I sent the URL to the principal and he was already aware of it and figured he knew who was behind it.  He sent an email to the students. Here’s an excerpt.

I do appreciate the recent gestures that you are making with your blog.  I feel that it is good for students to be able to voice opinions and discuss items of concern for them.  I only caution them that the internet is never really as private as it seems and it is not as hard as you might imagine for people to find out who posters to the blog are so ultimately people need to be able to take responsibility for what they say.  (remember your teachers have been marking students writing for a number of years and can easily pick up on catch words and style – It’s kind of like a finger print)

I do admire your enthusiasm – and I just encourage you to remember with great power comes great responsibility – I think Uncle Ben said that!

I’d say he handled it pretty well.