Diigo you have given me a headache

There’s been a recent uprise in Diigo. I have been aware of it for some time but haven’t seen any reason to use it. So a number of folks in my network have been raving about it and since they act as my filters, I thought I’d give it a go.

As I signed up, I was taken to a page that ask if I wanted to see if I had “friends already on Diigo”. I logged into my gmail account and it displayed quite a number of my contacts already on Diigo. I simply clicked Add to Friends. What I didn’t notice until it was too late, was that below this list was the list of all my contacts not on Diigo. By default all these contacts were checked and so now all my contacts received a request from me to join Diigo. This is in effect spam. Thanks a lot Diigo.

Diigo may be a great service and I’m sure it is but I have spent much of my day responding to emails from people who think I’ve spammed them…which I have. Here’s one in particular that I received from someone I don’t know well but have had the occasional encounter.

Although I appreciate the thought, I would prefer if you would not use my email address in this manner without my consent. I am very careful with my email address and who I give it to and your casual use of it in this manner, although seemingly innocent enough, may result in my address being added to lists that I am not comfortable with.

In the future, if you have something that you think I would be interested in please contact me directly. Thanks for respecting my wishes regarding this situation. TTYL.

Earlier, my father calls me wondering what he’s supposed to do. Sorry Dad for spamming you. Diigo adds this little tag at the end of their invitation:

We’re still working every day to improve Diigo. We hope you’ll like Diigo. We do. And, it’s only going to get better!

I’m rethinking this service. It may be petty but this just seems like a no-brainer. You have a simple thing to improve that I think you could have figured out from the beginning. Don’t check my entire contact list by default! I have a bad taste in my mouth and it’s going to take a lot to de-sour me.

To all my contacts….my apologies.

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