Interviewed by Andy Baetz

Back in December Andrew Baetz, a graduate student and classroom teacher taking Rick Schwier’s 802 EDCMM class at the University of Saskatchewan interviewed me as requirement of this course. It’s interesting that I took this course 5 years ago and had the same assignment: interview a list of Canadian educational technologists. This year I was fortunate to make Rick’s list of interviewees.

It’s also interesting that this is my first post from my new MacBook. Andy recorded the interview using Call Recorder and his Mac and the quality was excellent. Andy also managed to edit this done to my best 14 minutes. (I didn’t know I had 14 minutes of quality in me!) This seems like a great tool and ironically I had forgot about this until Christian began his search for such a tool.

My apologies in the re-rendering, Andy get’s cut off. The default setting in imovie did this I guess.

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