Podcast 37….Dan Meyer

I have a Math folder in my Google Reader and it only contains two blogs: One is Darren Kuropatwa, whom I consider one of the finest models of using technology effectively with high school students. The other is Dan Meyer. Dan is a different cat (see this post to get the idea).  That’s part of his appeal but beyond his unique style he pushes my thinking.  I begin with this 30 minute podcast trying to learn Dan’s thoughts on assessment.  We had never talked before this so forgive any awkwardness which I’ll take the blame for but have a listen, leave a comment and hopefully Dan will agree to do a few more of these.

Show notes:

Dan’s Assessment stuff 

TMO’s blog


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  • Good conversation guys. As a new teacher I am able to learn much from your sharing. These are the important conversations to have. I like to know there are model classrooms out there, whose students reach curricular objectives in shifted way. From these true assessments it is apparent that Dan has been able to form relationships with his students that lead to more engaged individual learning. Dan admits he doesn’t have the data to show the long term effects of his approach. I suspect his students have developed a different perception math by moving away from continual drill & practice and template exams.

  • Dean and Dan,

    Thanks to you both for sharing the conversation. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • CdnMathTeacher

    Thanks Dean and Dan! I have read and thought about Dan’s posts on assessment, but this brought it alive for me. I think that it may be the way I go in the future with my Consumer Math classes. It will be interesting to see the data after a few years (after all, I am a math teacher and I love numbers!). Thanks again, Erin