March 6, 2008

7 year old researchers

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I purchased an XO in efforts to consider the possibility of low cost computing and where this might fit into classrooms. I’ve played with it somewhat and was able to do some interesting things but  knew I needed some people better than me to do the real testing and dirty work. Enter Kathy Cassidy and her amazing grade one bloggers. What a treat it is to walk into a grade one classroom and they quickly resort to telling about their most recent published articles. As a former grade one teacher, you just can’t beat listening to them tell you stories about anything and everything.

I showed them the XO and a few things I’ve learned and made them a deal that they could keep it as long as they would share what they learn. (See Mark Ahlness who is already doing this with his third graders) I’ve suggested to Kathy that she allow them to take turns taking the unit home to explore. They’ll discover and learn much better than me. This computer is designed for them. I’ve now added a group of 7 year olds to my research team.

Image: Mr. Shareski Shows us the XO

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