Here’s to You

A dear friend of our family is in the battle of his life. Dr. George Falk is about to undergo some major cancer surgery next week. If you don’t know George, you must know that his passion and energy is contagious. Think of your most inspirational teacher and that’s George. He has inspired many and played a major role in helping our eldest daughter pursue a career in music.

Currently he’s at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon awaiting surgery next week. My daughter Meredith composed and performed this song as a tribute to George. The story she tells is one that we’ve shared many times about her wanting to quit choir and he ended up not only convincing her to stay on, but also join another choir. That’s George. So Here’s to You.

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  • Too powerful for words. Too choked for an audio comment.
    Your daughter is no less amazing than the teacher that inspired her. Thoughts and prayers to them both.

  • To inspire. To be inspired. Thank you for sharing and reminding us why we do what we do.

  • This is really, really beautiful Dean. Continue to be proud, Meredith is so amazingly talented. And of course, I really hope Dr. Falk’s surgery goes well. All the best to him and his family and those that love him and are hoping him through these rough times.

  • Wishing the best for Dr. Falk. Your daughter is a class act.

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  • Dean…beautiful piece by your daughter…best wishes to Dr. Falk and his family

  • Donna DesRoches

    Dean – what a lovely tribute from your daughter. I wish the best for your friend and his family.

  • What a beautiful tribute by your daughter. Thank you for sharing her voice. I hope that Dr. Falk’s surgery goes well.

  • What a gift George Falk is to this community, and what a gift Meredith’s talent is. Thank-you for sharing.

  • What an awesome tribute. Our prayers for George and the family at this time.

  • Your daughter’s beautiful voice and the sentiment it conveys is powerful and lovely at the same time. Sending prayers to George Falk. Thank you for sharing this…

  • Of course I heard this as a podcast today on the way hoe form school before I read this. I don’t know how–maybe its b/c much of your family life is transparent through your blog–but I knew before ever reading any of this that it must be your wife or daughter–somehow you have let us know how artistic the are. I could not wait to come home and read the story behind that very sentimental and beautiful song. I feel honored and blessed that it was shared with us in your network. Wow.

  • Connie Cossar

    Thank you for sharing this very moving tribute. Your daughter is very talented and put it so beautifully. Dr. Falk taught me during my undergrad and was a HUGE inspiration to me – he is one of the best educators I have ever been fortunate enough to be in the presence of. He had been battling cancer then also. He read us “You are Special” and I bought it and read it often and share it with others and I am reminded of what a wonderful man he is. I wish him all the best.

  • Brad Lemoignan

    Meredith, this is a beautiful song. I’m choked beyond words. Oh that our Lord would heal him once again…

  • Dean Miezianko

    Thank you Meredith for such a fitting tribute to a wonderful colleague and friend. Thank you Dean for taking the time to create this post for all of us who know George but cannot find the words to send our message.

  • Corey terry

    I was able to see Dr. Falk speak, an amazing individual. I wish him the best!

  • Like Cathy above, I heard this beautiful song on your podcast last week. I only now am reading the post. What a wonderful tribute to an outstanding individual. I hope he is doing well. Your daughter’s voice is amazing and the song is so very special.

  • Lee Cummins

    A beautiful song for a truly wonderful individual..said best in the lyrics of “just to know you is to be blessed”. A complete capture of having George as a friend and colleague in education. We encourage you George and the opportunity to hear this story and this song speaks volumes. Seeing talent and encouraging people to do their best is such an admirable quality of yours George. You are so amazing.

  • Donna Steeves

    Ever since I heard George speak at an inservice in Carnduff, Saskatchewan – my admiration for the man continues to grow – what a truely amazing and genuine person – his commitment to education, his belief in people and passion for life is something I wish I could capture even just a tad more myself. I’m thinking of you and your family George at this very difficult time, I know you’ll pull through it, and I know you’ll come out fighting even harder. My best to you.

  • Gord Taylor

    Thank you Meredith. You have truly captured the passion and inspiration that George has given to many. ‘Always do your best!’ George will be proud.

  • Lori

    What a beautiful song Meredith!
    George has truly inspired not only your self, but has touched our lives as well. He certainly had an amazing way
    of bring the best out of our children. What a Blessing he is. It’s amazing what God can do through people.
    Our prayers our with The Falk family.

  • Marge Weick

    Thank you Meredith! What a beautiful song!
    Marge Weick (George’s sister)