February 17, 2008

Playing with Riffly

Subscribing to other’s bookmarks is truly at the core of my research team belief. Alec found this gem (Alec, let’s trace this back, how did you find it?) called riffly. Okay I don’t know if it’s a gem yet but sounds like a good idea. A commenting tool that allows you to add video to comments. I recall some commenting tools that allowed for audio responses but hadn’t seen video.  I’ve played briefly with seesmic and many seem to think that video adds another dimension to community building. I agree. Besides don’t you think that in the future, video and audio responses and interaction will replace text? Certainly text has some advantages in this context as it allows you to take your time in crafting responses.  But for “quick in and quick out” responses, this might work. Anyway, hook up your webcam and give it go or leave a text comment proclaiming your disdain for all this new media stuff.

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