Cellphones as Learning Tools…the movie

As promised, here’s a quick inside look at one school’s efforts to use cellphones as learning tools. This video doesn’t really do justice to the actually learning that is taken place. The cellphone is enabling students to easily incorporate a variety of communication skills and allows them to share content easily. This is still in its early stages but does capture the concept that learning tools are right in our students’ hands.

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  • I stumbled upon your blog today and I’ve enjoyed reading through your recent posts. I’ve added you to my bookmarks.

    Thanks for sharing this video. Educators need to see more examples like this.

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  • That is why we have classrooms so we can really see what is going on around us and there is much more interactivity. I know how cool it is to use cellphone but it just doesn’t feel right. The cellphone just have so many features that can distract students.

  • Cellphones?

    This actually looks like a legitimate comment but it’s weird addressing someone as “Cellphone”,

    Anyway, this has little to do with “cool”. But with learning. We have our own perceptions about what a cellphone is and is used for and this often makes it difficult to see how this can help learning.

    A computer can be distracting as well. So can many other things. That’s part of the learning. How do we leverage the powerful aspects of the phone and minimize the distractions? This little experiment isn’t attempting to do anything more than explore these questions. The day is coming when these devices will be standard fare in classrooms. Working together with students to develop protocols and ethics goes a long way in the successful implementation of anything new.

  • Cellphones,

    I envision cell phones being used in the classroom to enhance what it going on rather than to pull the students out of that environment. By definition a tool is supposed to be helpful and I think that there are curricular areas and activities in which the use of cell phone would be beneficial.

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  • Maria Teresa from Brazil

    I´d really appreciate if it was possible to take the music off the video, or if we could have the script, so that non native speakers of English could understand it better.

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  • Your post makes one think! Great article. Thanks for allowing me to comment!

  • Sheri Oberman

    Thanks so much for posting this.  I'm going to show it to my Learning Technologies class .         a

  • hello, I believe that cell phones is coming to the classroom if not already in the classroom long time ago. I agree with the fact, that protocol and appropriate use should be taught and it should all be find. It will just like anything technology, will get sick and tired of it, unless that is what you want to do in life. I would rather go for a walk and sing my heart out looking to the stars after a long day and forget about the cell phone.

  • Cell does have its pros and cons in the class room. We need to teach kid as to when and how to use it appropriately. I do not see it as a problem in the class room as long as the students use it in the right time.

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  • How is the usage of a cellphone as a learning tool different from computers? I mean think about it, what is it a cell phone can do that a notebook can’t? Skype for calls, Gtalk for messages.