December 31, 2007

My blog as a book

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I treated myself to a little Christmas present this year after reading Silvia’s post on how she published her blog. Actually minutes after reading her blog I went to work creating my own. I spent a few hours designing the front and back and then send in my order here. I had the option of printing portions of my blog or the entire blog. I choose to print it all beginning from my first post in Feb. 2005 to Dec. 23, 2007. 424 pages and over 500 posts. I decided to go cheap and print it in black and white. The price difference was $23 for B/W to $130 for full color. It’s actually quite amazing that 3 years of learning translates into 424 pages. Not that it represents all learning but is one representation. Certainly you realize as you scan the pages, the lack of links, comments and multimedia takes away much of my learning. But anyway, here’s a look at the finished product:

Nice, professional publishing and fast shipping, even to Canada. While don’t advocate the need to put into print your digital work, just like the odd photo, it’s nice to have the physical evidence and opportunity to put learning in a more familiar, traditional context. If nothing else to demonstrate to those who don’t really understand digital publishing. After my 9 year old saw it, she suggested perhaps she pursue blogging to a greater degree.

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