December 28, 2007

Top 5 Applications of 2007

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These are applications that I began using this year and for me has made the most difference in either productivity or learning. I’m sure I try hundreds of services and applications in a year so in order for them to stick, they have to prove in a very short time that they have value. Sometimes, they are simply improvements on things I’m already using and other times, they are provide a completely different experience. At any rate, I’m not all that patient so they need to work and show their fruits quickly or else, get positive reviews from my network that force me to dive in.

  • Twitter…the one application that I hardly ever promote since I it takes a while to “get”.
  • Google Reader…switched from Bloglines early in the year and never looked back.
  • ScribeFire…a blog editor which allows me more freedom in terms of formatting and embedding content on all the blogs I write for.
  • Jing…quick and easy screen capture and video demo tool.
  • Google Maps….I’ve been using it for more than a year but the added features of sharing and creating maps

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