November 29, 2007

Scott Schultz and Ron Estay on Assessment

A few years ago, I had the privilege of putting together a video on how assessment works in the real world. I interviewed local people who talked about how assessment for learning works in their world.

One of those I interviewed was Scott Schultz of the Grey Cup champion Saskatchewan Roughriders along with defensive line coach and Hall of Famer Ron Estay. In the light of their recent victory, I thought I’d republish their interview. I did publish the entire video a while back but wanted to showcase this one in particular.

Not only is it entertaining (don’t forget to watch the blooper at the end) but in many ways helps bring assessment ideas out of a strictly educational sense and demonstrates its value in life. Congratulations Scott, Ron and the Riders on a great season and their contributions to our community in many ways including helping us understand the value of assessment for learning.

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