An IT Conversation you don’t want to miss

Although I subscribe to their podcast, I often pass over many recordings that I know don’t interest me. This one did. 

This week, the group discusses a variety of topics, including some
related to conferences attended by Scott and Ben. Scott reviews two
conferences held in conjunction with the Digital Life Conference in
September. One dealt with the topic of “Millennials”, people born
between 1982 and 2000, while the other involved “Tweens”, children
between seven and twelve. Scott talks about how these young people have
a completely different attitude towards technology and online activities.

Here were some key ideas and takeaways.

  • Kids can sniff out fake….They discussed in particular how advertisers are forced to create authentic ads. Hmmm…remind you of anything.
  • Myspace and Facebook aren’t the same…Myspace is about who you are, Facebook is about what you’re doing.
  • Simple is good.  Reinforced my ideas about design.
  • Flash and Ajax are key technologies
  • There is a growing need for non-browser based apps. Twittercamp is one example.

I like the fact that these non-educators are saying and recognizing many of the things forward thinking educators have seen for a while. After all, I’m just following Stephen Downes’ request.

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