August 24, 2007

News Feed Zero

Taking a page out of Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero presentation, I considered my news reader habits. I think they mirror Mann’s suggestion for getting your inbox to zero. Okay, I realize email is harder to get to zero. Feeds aren’t usually addressed to you and don’t ever require a response or action. However, I take my feeds personally in that while I don’t ever have to respond, I usually have some type of response. I either:

  • have no interest
  • find it interesting and compelling and need to comment
  • am inspired enough to write my own blog post
  • think others would benefit and I either share or email the post to them
  • consider it interesting but know that it will require more time to process

So given these responses I:

  • skim over and it’s automatically marked as read (some consider this deleting)
  • head over to the blog and make a comment
  • link to it in a blog post
  • hit the share button or email button
  • star it and read it later

I also try to read my feeds 2 or 3 times a day. I remember a certain blogger (initials W.R.) who showed his reader in a presentation only to haveĀ  oodles of unread posts appear from a fellow blogger in the audience. He was admittedly embarrassed.

So, grant it, email may be harder but for some people, their aggregator has become a challenge and almost as taxing as email. It shouldn’t be but if we’re interested in deep learning, it means spending a lot of time in the aggregator. For many of us, our aggregator is more important than email.

PS. my inbox is at 11.