August 2, 2007

Comment overload

Remember the first comment you ever got on your blog? Pretty cool to think that someone read your stuff.

I consider myself a lower-middle class  blogger. I’m sure there’s another term out there that describes this better. Maybe it’s A-List, C-list or whatever but what I’m driving at is that I’ve reached a stage when it comes to commenting. No longer am I thrilled to death when someone comments. Not because I’m not interested but with readership comes comments. I stil read them all but it’s not like it was when I first started to blog.

I recently left a comment for a new blogger.  She wrote a post the next day called Comment Goodness, which rightly promotes the value of the comment. Having asked my students to create blogs, I obviously want to be sure they know the power of the comment.

So it made me think that since they don’t get as many comments or at least haven’t been blogging long, for those, it’s like the feeling of getting a little bit of money when you have very little. I remember getting taken out for dinner by friends when I was in university and thinking how amazing it was. I was so appreciative.

Now on the other hand I read the Freakonmonics blog and they regularly get over 100 comments per post. Do they read them all? Do they care what people write?

When do you become so big that comments are more for the readers than the writers? This is the price you pay for popularity and good writing.

Just thinking out loud….no need to comment 🙂