June 5, 2007

Blossoming and Burgeoning

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Flowers in Santa Clara closeupNo doubt I have one of the best jobs. Working with great teachers, students and administrators has enabled me to witness some exciting changes and developments in our classrooms. Although I’m not overly optimistic about the idea of mass changes, the small groups that I’ve been able to work with and support are truly examples of exemplary teachers doing amazing and powerful things with technology. Here are a few comments (paraphrased) I’ve had with teachers in the past few weeks:

I wasn’t sure it was worth it, (referring to having students create content and learning via wiki) but after going through the process, my students learned more and demonstrated this with outstanding evaluations. They really understood what they were learning.

After spending time working with one classroom:

My kids have never been this excited about learning.

Here’s one you don’t hear often from teachers in June:

I’m sad to see the school year end. We’re just getting going.

My role in much of this change ranges from occasional help and encouragement to direct instruction and support. What a great reward for me to see many of the ideas I’ve been talking about and trying to build in our schools beginning to blossom. Scott McLeod’s post made me see how many of our teachers fit in various stages of the innovation continuum. One teacher commented to me, “I haven’t been very good about adopting all these tools and ideas but my time is close.” This teacher would likely fit into the evaluation or trial stage.

I recently interviewed Sophie, who is witnessing some incredible changes in her students. I asked her, what has changed in the way learning happens in her classroom?

Notice the lack of technology references in her response. It’s about learning and connections and the power of students leading their own learning. That is progress.

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