Do you like what I’m wearing?

I’ve changed theme for the first time in over a year. Rob’s new Mandingo theme looked good to me but it did require some customizing that I hadn’t got to till now. I not only liked the clean look but also it was more accommodating for larger screen resolutions. My previous template was best suited for 800×600 which would seem to fit the lowest common denominator approach. Being a hack of a designer, I know I don’t always take accessibility issues into consideration when designing but feel like I should be moving to a larger size site.

I had to configure the header to allow for my random header script. This was easy enough and now there are many options for this. I’m a big fan because it allows me to share and reuse my favourite photos. (Sorry D’arcy no Maui pictures, but if you like golf…) Okay, so it looks like I completely cloned D’arcy’s site, honest I didn’t mean to and I’ll try and figure out a way to make it different. In fairness,  although D’arcy’s been lamenting his switch between Drupal and WordPress for a while, I was reading it in my reader and never did visit his site. Likely many reading this in their aggregator may never pop by for a visit and this entire post will seem useless.

My header fonts changes from image to image, does that count as being different? (This is beginning to sound more like a twitter post) Maybe this is how women feel when someone shows up at a party wearing the same dress? I may have to go home and change.