April 26, 2007

Is it just me?

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Blogging durring a conference session
I’m sitting in a conference session as I write this realizing, I can’t take it anymore. Presentations that don’t engage are no longer tolerable. I believe technology is an amplifier. The fact that I have a laptop in my hands certainly easily distracts me. When I look at others in the room, I see some focused but others looking at program information, newspapers or just appear to be tuned out. Some are actively engaged. Teachers have long been accused of being lousy listeners. Part of the issue is the topic. Using Technology in the Cree Classroom. Mostly stuff about using PowerPoint or FileMaker Pro. Yes, for some this is interesting stuff. But will the learning stick? Is this just informational?

I’m not usually interested in informational sessions at conference since I can find it online just as well. I”m looking for stories, developed or new ideas, tough questions, challenges. Maybe others aren’t. Maybe some are just at a different place.

I remember a while back, Steve D. talking about having presenters post their material ahead of time and spend the sessions dealing with the challenging stuff.

I’ve been accused of being a multi-tasker and one who has trouble sitting for a long time….I disagree. I can switch back and forth between tasks quickly. I can sit for hours when engaged. I’ve just chosen to choose what I will engage my mind with rather than endure time in unengaging activity. (low battery warning…must hurry)

So my dilemma is this:

  • Am I just lazy?
  • Do I need to be more disciplined and focus better?
  • I make judgments quickly about the value of the learning activity. Is that bad?
  • What makes us think kids would be any different?
  • Am I the only one with this problem?
  • Do we really believe that engagement is more important than content? (Prensky)

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