April 15, 2007

Playing Catch up

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Having a week off to go on a golf trip is nothing to complain about this awaited me:

Unread items

Why do I feel compelled to read through these carefully? I had 3 newspapers waiting for me that I simply tossed in the garbage. Being that it was Easter break for all teachers, my inbox only had a few dozen messages, few of which I felt obligated to respond to until tomorrow. But the newsreader, is more important to me then any other source of information I use. I’m afraid I’ll miss something. This tells me how critical this is to my learning and interests. I kind of knew this already but I can’t remember taking a week break from my newsreader before. The fact that Google Reader uses the “100+”  measurement is a bit deceiving. I’m sure this will take me the evening to go through….so I better get at it.