Podcast 26 Frustrations with Assessment

Haven’t done a podcast with just me yakkin’ for a while. Tried using GCast on Steve D.‘s recommendation. Not sure it’s for me as it wants to build a player for me rather than just give me an mp3 file I can embed with my own built in player. So thumbs down to GCast, unless their helpdesk lets me know how to link directly to the mp3.

Update1: They did email me back but apparently I needed to complete another step using Garageband.com
Update2: Did that, but they link has a weird identifier that won’t work in PodPress
Update3: Final email states the identifier is needed so I can’t use GCast as I had hoped….Steve, you’ll have to do a bit more selling for me to buy in.
Update4:After 6 days, I uploaded it to good old internetarchive and stick with what works.

This is a brief podcast on some of my recent frustrations on ideas of assessment and accountability.
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