March 23, 2007

I’m officially a loser

Like many others in my position, I often lament the fact that discussions with teachers around Web 2.0 and the changing classroom often fall by the wayside and teachers can’t or won’t considering how to implement this into their classrooms.

This fall I spent about 4 sessions with a small group of teachers interested in exploring the possibilities of the Read/Write Web. These sessions were fairly interactive and we met to discuss how the use of new tools were impacting learning. They also were candid about the challenges and struggles they faced and frustrations with technical and time issues.

On Tuesday many of these teachers and a few others listened to Darren talk about his journey and his innovative approach to teaching and learning.

Today I spent the afternoon with some of these teachers who all teach high school math. They were truly enthusiastic about what they might be able to do with their students. After our conversation on Tuesday with Darren, they were excited about the use of an Interactive Whiteboards. There was one at our division office that rarely got used. I made arrangements to have it shipped to their school to try out. Kids at Christmas. Usually a Friday afternoon PD session on a beautiful, sunny spring afternoon is about the worst time to think about innovation in education. Not a problem for this crew.We spent the afternoon learning, laughing and discussing the future. They were jacked.

Tonight at 10:11PM I received an email from one of them. Here’s an excerpt:

Hey I’m officially a loser….computer use on a Friday night!  I got my wiki going!! How great is that. 

This is about the best residual for anything I might have done to help.