Podcast 25 Conversations on Change Part 2

I’ve been trying different ways to awaken folks to the new stories. In December I had Will Richardson skype in and talk about the New Face of Learning. I brought around 20 people in and also had another half dozen linked via Polycom. The intent was simply begin conversations.

On Tuesday, we had part 2. This time Darren Kuropatwa stopped by via Skype and talked about the things he’s done and is doing in his classroom. I’m going to assume most reading this know who Darren is but if you don’t, you really need to listen to the podcast.

Given the fact that we broke a record for high temperature (16C or 62F) the turnout of about 15 in total wasn’t bad. Darren was truly impressive. His natural, humble and pedagogical sound approach made for very compelling listening. We began about 5:30 and finished near 8:00 with Darren sharing for about an hour. I was pretty tired and wished I hadn’t scheduled this but after spending the time with Darren and listening to the discussion that followed, I was energized.
Darren based all his talk on his wiki. You can follow along if you like. The recording is just over an hour of Darren’s presentation.

Time: 1:09
Size: 33MB (sorry)
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