March 8, 2007

Sask Interactive….The web after 20 years; a convergence or divergence of ideas?

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Blogged Live

Chris Brooks and Scott Bateman

Focus on Artificial Intelligence and Web 2.0

  • Smart agents….software which autonomously interacts with its environment
  • Intelligent agents can adapt and learn from each other by observing their environment and interacting¬† (example…Clippy…not a very good one)
  • Semantic Web hasn’t fully developed and is limited to niche areas not used broadly
  • Web 0….Few to Many
  • Web 1.0 Many to Everybody
  • Web 2.0 Everybody to Everybody
  • While these ideas were happening in academia, a parallel movement was happening called Web 2.0
  • AJAX is allowing us to use our web browsers like applications
  • Refers to blogs as online diaries…(Alan are you listening?)
  • Talks about the Long Tail
  • Importance of diversity in environments and products
  • Amazon use of suggested products
  • Shows the Kansas State video The Machine is Us
  • Limitations of Web 2.0…millions of blogs to sort through
  • Refining tags
  • AI isn’t ready to automate many of these features but is necessary to deal with the larger set of data
  • Semantic Web uses machines…Web 2.0 uses people…NEED CONVERGENCE

Thoughts:¬† Interesting ideas…important theories to consider