March 8, 2007

Sask Interactive…..Communicating Beyond the Five Senses

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Kenton Janzen

Client Technology Manager Sasktel

Blogged Live


  • History of Telecommunications
  • PhotoPhone invented by Bell in 1880
  • PicturePhone introduced by AT&T in 1964

Media Convergence

  • email on your TV
  • Video on your phone
  • Upload photos on your phone
  • Talk to people on your computer

GPS technology with cellular in Kid Tracking, Pet Tracking


RFID…electronic tagging

OLED…flexible displays

Retinal Displays



Bluetooth Tooth


Buzr…Takes the vibrating feature of cellphones one step further…receive a shock alert


Microscent uses a USB device to generate smell

Going Beyond the Senses

Human/Computer Interface…technology enables thought to move a prosthetic arm by attaching to nerve endings or Jens Naumann

Non-Implant Devices…VEP


Thoughts: Consideration and awareness of new technologies important to consider. In today’s world of exponential changes, most of these ideas and applications are not far off.