Sask Interactive…..Citizen Journalism

Megan Cole

Blogged Live

Talks about the use of Social Media in her personal life

  • Began blogging last year when she worked at the Olympics
    • Focused on sharing with family and friends
  • Flickr and tagging
  • Youtube
  • RSS
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Social networks…myspace, facebook
  • Citizen Journalism…public contributions

Discussion about transparency and the need for business to be aware if not highly involved in the use of social media
Thoughts: Mostly discussing personal life….sounds a bit like mine…Still trying to figure out the audience. Someone asks, “why would anyone want to blog?” Not sure what they’re after or where they are at. As an educator I’ve presented similar content and tried to link it to educational contexts. It appears the trend is for audience to determine their own links and applications.

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