March 8, 2007

Sask Interactive….A Vision of the Future

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Mike Parkhill.…Academic Director Microsoft Canada

Blogged Live during his keynote

  • Focuses on Change…shows a short PPT on change
  • Shows Did You Know presentation remix of Darren’s version
  • 18% of 2 year olds in North America are on the internet
  • Refers to Prensky
  • Kids aren’t learning Math, Science specifically but rather how to share, learn and collaborate
  • Talks about a grade one student in Nunavut who speaks perfect German because her best friend lives in Germany and she plays video games online with her
  • Convergence is happening…Glucoboy is an attachment to a gameboy which monitors blood sugar for kids with diabetes

Challenge to adopt the culture that’s happening around us.

Thoughts: Not a new message to me but perhaps to the rest of the crowd.