I’ve been to Moose Jaw…. now I can die!

This song’s likely very familar to anyone from Saskatchewan. Here someone adds it to their rather uneventful drive down Main Street in Moose Jaw. I think it says something about people who can laugh at themselves. Not sure what but it says something.


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  • I’m a consultant who specializes in arts and culture for community/economic development and I’m leading a group of economic development officals on a tour of Moose Jaw in early June 2007. Any Moose Jaw fans out there? Contact me – tom-at-tresser-dot-com.

  • John Evans

    I fondly remember the streets of Moose Jaw from my visit this summer. This guy has never had the deluxe tour from Moose Jaw tour guide extraordinaire Kathy Cassidy! He’d be singing a different tune if he had! 😉


  • jesse

    ive been to moose jaw i guess i can die now lol