Pattern Recognition, Stephen Downes and my twisted mind

So while listening to Stephen Downes’ presentation today from the Connectivism Conference, I admit to doing some multi-tasking. My mind drifted in and out. Not a reflection of Stephen, more of my need to get about 12 things done at once. I did focus in on a bit on his thoughts on pattern recognition. So my mind drifted from this to consider Stephen and David Crosby. I’m sure Stephen’s been told a time or two that he looks like David Crosby but combine this image,

with these Crosby, Stills and Nash lyrics:

“Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me larger voices callin’
What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten

(I’ve been around the world) I have been around the world…”

I’d really like to say that this weird thought about the global context of the song and the likeness in appearance is a really interesting, meaningful example of pattern recognition or even connectivism but I suspect that my lack of focus disqualifies me from making a legitimate post. I probably don’t quite get it yet. “But you know I will, and you know I will”

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