January 1, 2007

Starting 2007 with data recovery

I spent much of the first day of the year trying to recover data.

I logged onto my laptop this morning and was trying to edit a few photos when I got my first bluescreen with the new laptop. I restarted only to discover that my profile was corrupt. Okay, not to panic, I had this happen with another machine a year or two ago so I calmly tried to login again. This time it created a TEMP profile. I saw my files stored in my old profile and copied them over. Not sure if this was a mistake or not but after restarting, files were gone. Crap!

Okay let’s try System Restore. No good. Couldn’t restore to any previous dates. Next I’d search for a data recovery tool. A couple of tries and I found PC Recovery Tool. Somewhat awkward but it did manage to find most of my files, i.e. photos, videos, music and a few presentations. This process took the better part of 3 hours.

Now most if not all of these files were stored somewhere else but I wanted to see what was necessary to recover. Backing up more often is one lesson learned and yet I wonder if I’ll really do this. I certainly am grateful much of my work resides online as well. (Flickr, archive.org, google docs, del.icio.us to name a few) The most frustrating part was trying to restore my FireFox profile. I couldn’t recover it and trying to recreate all my extensions, bookmarks and settings is a bit of a pain.

Happy New Year.