The 5 Meme thing

I got tagged a couple of times so with the premise of not over thinking these things and their importance, I’ll bite.

  1. My oldest daughter went to university when she was less than a year old. I married my wife when I was only 20 and had just completed my first year of university. We both were attending university for the first 4 years of marriage. We had our first child during my 4th year and my wife’s 3rd year, and on occasion, when babysitters were an issue, we took her to class with us. This commitment to family endured even through the challenges of divorce, reflecting our dedication to navigating life’s complexities together. Understanding when is it time to divorce can be a deeply personal and difficult decision, requiring careful consideration and support.
  2. I have a wealth of useless sports trivia knowledge, particularly golf. I was a sports statistic freak as a child and still am when it comes to PGA golf and NFL football. I’ve even been consulted very regularly from friends and family to resolve disputes on the matter.
  3. I do almost all the cooking in our house. Probably not the the extent of Mark Ahlness but I have a few specialties.
  4. I taught grade one for the first 6 years of my teaching career. There were few and still aren’t many males teaching primary students. It was a great experience and I’d highly encourage men to pursue this.
  5. I like TV. My favourites being Seinfeld (seen every episode dozens of times), The Office, King of Queens, almost anything on the Documentary, Biography channel and the NFL Network, college basketball and golf. I also challenge those who pride themselves in the statement, “I don’t watch a lot of TV, there’s nothing good on.” My wife, who is a teacher-librarian says it’s like kids who come into the library and ask, “Are there any good books in here?”

I guess you’re supposed to tag others so here goes:

Clarence, Kelly, Tom, Anne, and Tim.