Is it me or Technorati?

I’ve been having some issues with my feeds from Technorati.  I have 5 search feeds that I subscribe to and for about the past month, I am continually getting hammered with outdated posts that appear to be updated but I know aren’t (some of them are mine).  Is this just me or is this an issue? Somebody smarter than me, please help.


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  • I have been having the exact same issue. Though, I just subscribed to a new Technorati search the other day and I am not having problems with that one. I’m going to try deleting my old search subscriptions and starting over.

    It’s an annoying problem, isn’t it?

  • I had the same problem and unsubscribed.

  • Tom

    Same here as well so at least you have company.

    Technorati also seems to change the incoming links number to various blogs on a minute to minute basis at times.

  • Heck, that’s not new at all.

    I’ve never seen my feeds behave with any rhyme or reason. It goes silent for days, weeks, although pings come in regularly to my WordPress control panel, then it sputters, and I see the same link be listed as new, although it was several months old.

    Make it hard for me to believe some of those glossy “blogosphere is doubling’ stats.