November 13, 2006

Put others to work for you

Social bookmarking has been around for a while. I used ikeepbookmarks for years but there was little sharing. Furl was my first real use of social bookmarking. I used it pretty faithfully but didn’t do much sharing or looking.

I’ve recently switched over to delicious and am pretty pumped. I suppose I could have done many of the things that excites me about delicious in furl but for whatever reason didn’t. So here’s what’s so cool:

  • ┬áNetworking… I can add whomever I wish to my network and have them collect some great resources for me. (0kay, they aren’t really doing it for me but I like to think of it that way)
    • John Pederson recently posted about this and asked folks to leave their names on his blog so he could add them to his network. I’d offer the same thing. Now over time, just like blogs, you have to decide how many you can manage and if folks are looking and finding resources that interest you but in general more is better.
  • RSS…I can subscribe to my network and wake up each morning to see what good things they’ve found
  • FireFox extensions….I’m quite happy with the bookmarklets but the extension is a bit more powerful. I had this with Furl but found this is a bit slicker…easier to add tags and speaking of tags…
  • Tags…Furled relied more on folders. Once you discover the power of tags, it just works better
  • Subscriptions…different from RSS but equally as powerful. These subscriptions reside within and can quickly change depending on what you may be researching
  • Private/Public…another feature furl had but still important. You may not want to share a particular resource for a variety of reasons. Anyone interested in my golf tags?

I could go on but won’t. It’s powerful. Check out Jeff Utecht’s screencast for detailed instructions.

Get yourself an account, then let me add you to my network…I’ll put you to work!