Showing People Cupboards

Yesterday I did a presentation on the Read/Write Web. It was an introductory presentation to encourage folks to commit to some followup sessions on the specifics.

I prefaced my talk by stating I didn’t want to begin with the tools since without context they can be meaningless. The analogy I used was that as someone with no understanding of carpentry, someone could show me all the latest tools at Home Depot and it wouldn’t mean much to me. But show me that you can create cupboards and I might be interested. (In reality, even that for me wouldn’t do it…I’d just hire someone) So I told them I was going to be showing them cupboards.
There were supposed to be few more than what turned out so it’s a very intimate setting. For the benefit of those unable to attend and for others interested, here’s it is. I just ran the video camera and basically captured the screen. I could have used a screen capturing program but am a bit leary when it’s a long and uses multiple applications. Because of the length, I had to use alot of compression on the video. So if you want a clearer picture of the slides, here they are. It’s really more of an enhanced podcast. So if you’ve got a spare 42 minutes….here you go.