You’re not doing your job

David Warlick makes this claim:

Is a teacher who is not using technology doing their job? An emphatic “NO!”

As I think about the upcoming school year, I’m hoping to be more emphatic about my beliefs about teaching and learning. This quote inspires me.

So given this I’m going to try to committ to a few things this year.

  1. Challenge everyone who uses the phrase “technology integration” As it’s been said, let’s just use it and stop forcing square pegs in round holes.
  2. Rather than help 100 teachers sprinkle technology into their teaching, help 10 teachers use the tools of technology to create new, engaging learning environments.
  3. Help more administrators, and leaders blog. I’ve talked enough and now I need to gently guide them into experiencing the Read/Write Web.
  4. Promote and explore ideas about messy assessment.

I hope to share about a number of initiatives I’ll be involved with this year but these few things will be underlying much of my work.

And if I say to someone, “you’re not doing your job”, I’ll just blame David Warlick.