August 29, 2006

Putting the kids to work

Planning has always been up to classroom teachers. Teachers decide what students are going to learn and how they are going to do it. I’d like to try something new and different. I’d like your ideas. Do have suggestions for assignments and projects? Do you have a resource that you think we should be using in class? Is there someone we absolutely need to talk to? Post it here! This space is for all of us to put our heads together and create the best possible space to learn in that we can. Anything goes. This is a brainstorming space, a planning space, a space for new ideas so anything you can think of can be posted here.

Clarence is at it again. He’s decided to start the year by having his students involved in the planning process. Talk about ownership for learning. Will every kid participate? Not likely but that’s not the point. Creating opportunities for students to participate is what’s important. As Prensky says, ENGAGMENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CONTENT.  Clarence actually believes that. Some may be asking, “How will he meet objectives? What about the curriculum?” I know from discussions I’ve had with him that he is well aware of the curriculum. If you do have a question for him, just ask him.

Oh by the way, this wiki’s not just for teachers, he’s invited the world.