August 27, 2006

My beautiful blog

my blog

Although I’ve committed to steering folks away from traditional website design, I still take pride in a well designed site. The focus should still be on content and the use of an aggregator keeps this in check.

But never actually visiting the site you miss out on the personal and creative sides of bloggers. Jeff Utecht’s recent redesign is worth checking out. The inclusion of his “thinking stick” theme is very nice. Darcy Norman always seems to be tweaking his design. I recently updated my rotating headers with some new photos. Like Darcy, these are photos I’ve taken of things that interest me and places I’ve visited. I hope they help the reader learn more about me.

Christian Long and Kathy Sierra get noticed in my aggregator because they won’t post without images. I appreciate that in the name of visual learning.

So let’s continue to focus on content but once in a while visit my beautiful blog in person.