August 5, 2006

Sorting out the ideas

Hello from Edmond, Oklahoma, where my family and I have started the rather overwhelming task of sorting out boxes from our previous residence and finding new places for all this “stuff.”

Lots to sort out!

Sorting out your possessions when moving, particularly as we are going from a 4 bedroom to a 3 bedroom home for awhile, is challenging but also worthwhile in many ways. Like our new garage that is filled with boxes, our brains become laden with ideas as we peruse the edublogosphere. Rather than spending time acquiring more “stuff” in the form of ideas, it is often quite helpful to sort through the ideas we already have, organize them, toss out those that are no longer relevant or of interest– and at times, discover lost “nuggets” which we have either forgotten or many not have ever discovered in the first place, even though they were buried somewhere in our mind (or garage.)

Thanks to Dean for giving me an opportunity to guest blog here on “Thoughts and Ideas of an EdTech.” This will give me a good excuse to blog periodically as I’m otherwise occupied at home with REAL boxes to unpack– and also likely provide a good chance to sift through some older posts and thoughts that deserve further attention and reflection.

I’m also planning on delving into Dean’s blog archives– sifting through and holding up some of the many “nuggests” which he has reflected on and posted here. It will be fun to do this together, and I’ll (as always) be inviting your thoughts and feedback as well. Hope you will join me in the upcoming days as Dean takes a well-deserved break from his blog!