July 22, 2006

Connections and the goodness of blogs

I subscribe to a Technorati feed for Moose Jaw. I’ve learned many interesting things about my city. Most of the postings are of travellers passing through my town.

Today I across this blog. It appears a single mom from Cincinatti is adopting a child from China. She decided to make a quilt called “100 Good Wishes”. She’s invited others to submit a quilt square with a message for this child. So far she has 8 squares with the 8th square contributed by a quilter in Moose Jaw. What an amazing connection between people of common interests! This is what we need to show our students. .  Reminds me a bit of one red paperclip except in my mind more important. Everyone in this project is making a significant contribution using their skills and experiences
Isn’t this what we want the web to be?