Moving Day

Well, I’ve finally made the switch to my own space. Let me show you around:

First, you’ll notice my new address. I purchased the domain,
Then I set up my site on my reseller account through Then thanks to Rob Wall, installed WordPress 2.0. [WordPress 2.0] has an absolutely wonderful import tool which brought all my previous work from blogger over in literally one click….beautiful.

I spent a few hours installing themes until I found one that I could customize to my liking. I choose the blue horizon theme. One of the things I wanted to incorporate was the rotating banner that Darcy Norman so elegantly uses. I had installed it on a previous install I did for a client but wanted to include my own photos. So everytime you come you’ll see a different header. All photos are taken by me and I include the details on the bottom left corner. I’m not much of a photographer but love taking photos and playing around with them.

I also wanted a theme that utilizes the page feature. At present, I only have the About page but will add more.

I’ll also slowly recategorize my postings but that will take a while.

Finally I worked on my sidebar rearranging and adding some items.

I think I’ve updated my feed correctly so hopefully you’re finding this without much trouble.

All in all I’m quite happy to be here and I hope you like my new home. Feel free to sniff around and if you have any suggestions or ideas for me, drop me a line.

Pop in anytime. I love the pop in. I’m a big pop in guy.