January 27, 2006

Encouraging Student blogging

This is a bit of a guilt post.

Darren just Skyped me about talking to some teachers on Monday as he’s doing another one of his great sessions on the tools of Web 2.0 (at least I think that’s what he’s doing). He asked me to talk about folks that I’ve been helping and the impact it’s had on their students.

I have a little folder in my aggregrator called PS 210 bloggers. These are all the teachers that I’ve worked with in starting a weblog. There area about 50 or so bloggers in there. Of those, perhaps 15 have maintained there blog. Most use it as a classroom announcement/information site which I’ve always encouraged but also tried to promote the more reflective/connective aspect. That’s been tougher. I’d say I only have 2 really reflective bloggers. Here’s where I really feel guilty, none of them at this point have introduced blogging to their students. I have worked with a few classes and got them started but not very successfully.

So when Darren calls me on Monday (I’m sure Darren, you’ll read this before then) and asks about the impact with students, I’ll have to confess it’s been minimal. The teachers who use them as classroom portals/sites are happy but it’s been slow in moving beyond that.

So in light of that, I dug around my clippings in Bloglines and found 3 posts from the past that may encourage teachers to start student weblogs.

Now if any Prairie South teachers are interested, I’d love to work with you and your students in discovering the power of blogging.

Confession is over.