December 15, 2005

Where will it lead?

After our posse talk last evening, a number of very random thoughts are running through my head. Allow me to ramble…

Alec wonders about all the “stuff” that’s out there such as blogs, podcasts, et al and is concerned that the good stuff we talk about and create may not last as technology changes.

I don’t have a great response but in the spirit of rambling and randomness, I check my feedburner stats today and was taken back a bit with this graph.

So sometime from September to now, my readership has tripled. As I listened to the EdTech Talk Podcast about the edublog awards, they were talking about the best individual awards and mentioned that those bloggers (Will, Stephen, Barbara and Ulises) have been doing this for a while and have found not only an audience but a voice that is distinct. I’m finding this to be very true for me, not that I’m anywhere close to their league but this space has allowed me to experiment and play and thankfully, folks have been kind enough to comment or better yet, link to me from their space.

So where does it lead? I hope Alec’s fear (you’ll have to listen to the podcast when it comes out to get his exact thoughts) that all may be lost is unsubstantiated, but I don’t know. Yet, even if all of this stuff is lost, there has been great learning and fun in creating. It reminds me of my lego days. Most of the fun was building stuff. Even if someone kicked it over that was fine because I’d just build it again and even better.

PS. Although initially I had mentioned to vote for us, I think the Dave and Jeff really deserve this one. The work way harder than us and offer some outstanding discussions.