Confessions of a New Edublogger

One of the teachers who attended my workshop last week has written a great piece on her barriers to blogging.

After spending a day with her and others, it was easy to see she would be considered a teacher with a high level of technical skills. But her honesty in explaining why she hasn’t implemented the tools of social learning illustrate a real problem with today’s educators. Technology was not the issue for Lona, it was largely her fear of risk taking and transparency.
As much as we talk about risk taking for our students, as adults we are pretty fearful of making mistakes. In order to get students to take risks they have to be in an environment that encourages that and offers a sense of community trust. I’m realizing that when I take time to build relationships with others, they are better able to forgive my shortcomings…and believe me I’ve got short comings, just ask my wife!

I know we all read way more than we write and certainly more than we comment and that’s natural and understandable. But we do have to make a point of commenting on each other’s work. That’s how we learn.

So let’s continue to model the idea of public learning and encourage each other with our ideas and thoughts. Let Lona know she’s on the right track.