November 13, 2005

Meet my Friends in my aggregator

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I’ll be doing 3 sessions in the next week on RSS. These are introductory sessions to 3 different audiences. I’ll do the typical basics of feeds, XML, bloglines, search feeds, etc. but somehow it lacks the personal touch and doesn’t get to the conversational aspect and connectivism that veteran bloggers enjoy.

So I’m going to try the analogy of a party to introduce folks to those people I’ve met and read over the past year. I’ll group people in the folder they occupy in my bloglines account. We’ll see how it works.

“Come on in, don’t worry if you’re late, you’ll find most folks very friendly and helpful. Let’s go into the living room. ”

EDTECHS (don’t ask me how I label and sort my folders, it’s just the way I’ve organized them)
“Sitting on the couch is David and Will. They’ve been at this for a long time. David dabbles in a lot and always bring some unique items to the party. Will’s kind of the center of attention but he’s constantly pointing out the good stuff of others. Barbara doesn’t speak as often as some but when she does, it leaves me with a lot to consider. I really got to know her the other day when she was talking with Jeff and Dave. Alan is also very innovative and sometimes is a bit over my head but talked about some stuff I’ve really enjoyed. George is a new friend of mine. I kind of enjoy that he’s Canadian and will challenge you to think. Rob, Rick and Alec are friends I talk with fairly regularly. Then there’s Stephen. He’s got more to say that any of them. Never talks for long but talks about a lot of different stuff.”

“Let’s go into the kitchen”
“I’m amazed these people have time when they’re so busy preparing. Yet I know they’ll talk to you. Bud, Clarence and Konrad live in different countries but both are very transparent with what they do. Just watching them will show you a lot. If you want to know what’s happening in the trenches, these are the people to talk to. Darren is another Canadian who can take a topic you might not think would be worthy of conversation but makes it engaging. Anne does some neat things as well. She’s pretty busy. I’ve known Kathy for years and she will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Very adventurous and works with people you might not think can handle much. She makes it work. Oh Steve’s just leaving the kitchen. He’s a great guy to listen to who will make you feel like you’ve known him your whole life. I’m not sure exactly which room he’s going into now.

“I actually have many more friends than this. These are just the ones you should start talking to first. Find out what they think and they’ll also introduce you to others you might like as well. And when you meet someone you find interesting, let me know so I can talk with them as well.”

“Enjoy the rest of the party.”

To be clear, many of these people might not even know who I am but have shaped my thinking over the past year. This is part of the nature of the new web.