The Best of the Blogosphere for New Bloggers

I’m doing a session this afternoon on Weblogs and just want to highlight a few edubloggers that everyone should read. I’ve got over 200 feeds so I certainly can’t include everyone. This list represents bloggers that new blogging teachers can best get a sense of the potential of weblogs.

  • Bob Sprankle…Bob is a grade 4 teacher from Maine. He also does a weekly podcast with his class.
  • Bud the Teacher….Bud Hunt is a high school English/Journalism teacher who does some great reflective work.
  • Kathy Cassidy… Kathy is a grade 1 teacher here in Moose Jaw. She uses it as a daily update for her class.
  • Weblogged….Will Richardson might be the most well known educator who has been blogging for a number of years and does a great job emphasizing the importance of quality blogging.

While I’m sure I’ve left out some great ones, these will give people a sense of how they might want to format their blog.

If you’re interested in developing a family blog. Check out:

Eamon’s Family Blog
My Family Blog