I’m not explicit…not that there’s anything wrong with that

I’ve discovered that those who find my podcast listing using iTunes or Yahoo, will see the little explicit warning beside my feed. Not sure how that happened but I’m wondering if upon my itunes submission I checked the “adult” box when I clearly meant adult not adult….you know what I mean.

So for those of you tuning in to hear me rant like “fitty cent”, sorry but you’ll be quite disappointed.

Now if anyone knows how I can modify my listing with itunes, I’d love to know because I tried but couldn’t figure it out.

UPDATE: I figured out how to remove it within my feedburner feed details. No I’m no longer explicit. I’m assuming my viewership will drop.
As usual, I really have no idea what the techie stuff means, I just fiddle around until it works…Hey that should be my tagline…”I just fiddle around until it works!”