Even John Mayer’s into social networking

I hate John Mayer. Actually I really like his music but last year, my daughter and friends went down to hear him in Bozeman, Montana with our van and the transmission blew. $4,000 later and two trips down to Bozeman and I had my van back. That’s the short version. It also doesn’t include the tickets I bought for my daughter to hear him in Toronto tomorrow night. I wish I could go.

Anyway, it looks like John Mayer is looking to collaborate with anyone who can write some music for his lyrics. He’s opening up his lyrics for anyone to write and wants to hear what they’ve come up with. He says:

I’m inviting all aspiring songwriters to write their own chords and melodies around my lyrics. Go ahead, I’m not using them. You can tell people that we wrote a song together.

So social networking isn’t just for geeks or educators. If only I could write music.