July 6, 2005

Picture #500

No more calls we have a winner! I just noticed that I’ve uploaded my 500th picture to Flickr.
The girls in a tree Since this accomplishment has absolutely no significance to anyone other than me, why post it? Well if you haven’t taken advantage of flickr or used it much you should take another look. For a mere $24 US, I’ve been able to use it as a backup of my photos and found it a powerful way to share photos with family and friends. In addition, joining one of the many groups allows you to connect with people with similar interests. There’s a fellow from California who has shared some nice comments and photos of golf courses. I’ve also been able to use RSS to subscribe to comments on my photos and even new photos from my contacts.

I’ve had several conversations with people lately about how the average person has not yet figured out how to utilize digital photography. Although most people now shoot in digital, they really don’t know what to do with them. Most take their card to their local photo store or Walmart and print out pictures. The same problem of shoeboxes full of pictures that are never viewed still remains. Storing them on the home computer, still limits viewing until someone takes you to the computer, figures out where the pictures are stored then finds some software to view the images. Still not the most effective way to share.

Digital images are a perfect example of how data can be used to connect and build community. Flickr...get it!