Quick updates

Just wanted to point out a few things of note and interest over the past few days.

  • EdTech Posse Podcast #2 via Rob W. Knowing how difficult it is trying to coordinate 4 people, he did a solo effort to provide a bit of background. I think we’ve got one planned for next week.
  • Ourmedia.org I’ve used it to store video and audio. Great place to house your large multimedia files
  • YouTube. A similar site to ourmedia. I haven’t yet uploaded anything but started subscribing to the video feed. The verdict is still out.
  • My quest into discovering the best CMS solution for our school division is on. Not that it’s my call to make but I’ll definitely have some influence. BlackBoard vs. open source…let the games begin!

Hoping to do at least one more podcast myself as the school year
wraps up on Thursday. Oldest daughter’s graduation activities
and son’s baseball playoffs this weekend will keep me busy.